Tanner Hiatt

My Resume and Simple Biography

I'm currently studying for the Pre-Management Major at Brigham Young University [GPA: 3.50]

Relevant Coursework:

  • Information System covering Microsoft Excel
  • Economic Principles and Problems
  • Member, National Honor Society: 2010-2012
  • 1st place winner in DECA State Entrepreneurship Written Event
  • 1st place winner in the Yes Arkansas 2.0 Business Plan Event
  • Work Experience:

    1. Founder and Owner of Bonkodeals from 2010-2012

      • Developed Microsoft Excel skills by measuring growth and profit, minimizing risk factors and preparing upcoming purchases in order to get a competitive edge in the market
      • Collaborated well with customers by displaying sensitivity to customers’ needs, helping them with their problems and being patient with all issues that arose in order to maintain a 100% positive feedback rating
      • Diagnosed the market to buy and sell goods at a competitive price so I could achieve a high profit margin of 35%
    2. Traffic Officer at Brigham Young University 2015-Present

      • Maintained the security of individuals by safely and effectively directing traffic out of big events so the traffic could clear quickly and people would arrive safely at home
      • Managed a checkpoint for oncoming traffic to give or deny permission for cars to enter by communicating effectively in asking questions and helping them with their problems so they could have a good experience on the campus of Brigham Young University
      • Utilized patrolling technology by scanning car lots, researching license plate information, and evaluating if a certain car required a traffic citation so that all of Brigham Young’s parking could be monitored and kept vacant for authorized cars
    3. Volunteer Experience

      • Full-Time Missinoary in San Salvador, El Salvador/Belize for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from 2013-2015
      • Coordinated area meetings by informing all colleagues the information in order to have a successful meeting Explained and encouraged plans to help change family life to many individuals from unique backgrounds by analyzing their needs so they could have more happiness in their life
      • President of youth group for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
      • Coordinated group meetings in order to increase attendance
      • Executed over 100 hours of service projects by planning effectively the best times to perform those projects in order for the community of Bentonville to be a better place

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